Mission Statement

“Why would you want to be a writer? Do you want to spend your thirties living in your parents’ basement?” The only published author I personally know said those words to me a year and a half ago, as we walked down to the Iowa River. Sam Hill, author of Buzz Monkey, may have been disillusioned by the publishing industry, but he chose the wrong words to discourage me. Every book and movie where a character works towards an outlandish goal, someone tells him or her “You’ll never make it,” or “You’re crazy,” or “Don’t come crying to me after you lick that piranha.” That last one, by the way, is why I’m not making vlogs about writing instead. Welcome to Word Salad Spinner. I’m going to blog about writing: suggesting how to be a better writer, discussing books and movies in relation to their writing, and sharing my own work as examples (as good examples or bad, well, you be the judge, jury and executioner). My life goal is to first become a published writer, then a published book author, then to earn my living solely off of my writing. This blog will document my journey, and perhaps your journey as well. I’ll be possibly too open about my progress in this regard. Will Sam Hill’s words be foreshadowing, or a mere side-conflict setting up a triumph over whatever difficulties a college student faces? Turn the page to find out. I’m going to build some good sand castles with you anyways, then watch others knock them down so we can put cement in place of the old walls. It’s time. 1,250 words a week. Updates until it doesn’t.


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