Thomas Pynchon’s private BLEEDING EDGE notes!


Hey you! Did you read Bleeding Edge by Thomas Pynchon? No? This post is not for you then. If you answered yes, I offer my condolences and direct you to this website like I’d direct someone hit in the head with a waffle iron towards the kitchen of an IHOP.Anyways! I’ve used my vast writing connections that my time-traveling future  self will give me to secure some of Pynchon’s private notes, written while Bleeding Edge was in development. Ever wanted to know what goes on inside an Author’s Head, but the last time you tried you ran screaming from the room? Here’s your chance: behold some excerpts from the first draft of Bleeding Edge!

Bleeding Edge Private Notes


2 thoughts on “Thomas Pynchon’s private BLEEDING EDGE notes!

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