If you must understand her, what she tells, why the hat,

Go to the museum where half the facts are lies.

Walk to the lobby. What is it to know that in 1895,

The only two cars in Ohio crashed into each other and left these bumpers encased in glass?

Follow her velvet lines to the west wing. They expect us to believe this flag of 1830’s

France flies plain white? Now in the balcony. How did they transport an entire room

Coated in Nazi gold? Slow elevator, then third floor. She dares charge admission

To see the rope they used to hang the witches of Salem! But after you

Pass the cocaine-infused mummy in the showroom, you’ll see a

Bonsai tree,

Planted in 1626

Hiroshima, transferred here last year,


If you’re not distracted, that is,

By the diamonds Mexican scientists made out of tequila, spotlighted by the bulb rim above.


Waste of your one holiday. Outdated in the Internet age. Need a loan for just one soft drink.

The important thing to her

Is that you’ll leave this alabaster hall with all these facts

In the brain,

Where everything,

Including her,



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