The Canterbury Tales BATTLE ROYALE (Rounds 2 and 3)

Part 1 can be found here, and an explanation for all this can be found here.

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The Squire heeds the words of his father and runs back South. Now father and son stand ready to defend the Nun from any harm.

The Doctor makes a beeline North to follow the Capet Maker and the Weaver.

The Franklin, now without a knife and believing that the Summoner means him harm, has even more reason to run to the protection of the Knight. He moves south and abandons the Friar.

The Cleric continues engaging in Total Defense.

The Summoner runs past the Friar towards the Franklin, not knowing that his path triggers two Attacks of Opportunity from the Friar. However, the Friar rolls a 9 both times and misses on both accounts. Now the Friar has lost the element of surprise on his attacks on the Summoner.

Now it’s the Friar’s turn, and he can take one more attack on the Summoner. He rolls a successful 17, and deals 4 damage with the Franklin’s knife. The Summoner’s now suffering a nasty wound.

Chaucer remains in Total Defense.

The Yeoman hears the cries of the Franklin asking for help. He knows that his master, the Knight, will always find room in his heart to defend the helpless. As the Yeoman moves closer to protect the Franklin, the Franklin tells the Yeoman that the Summoner is attacking his friend the Friar, and that the Summoner must be dealt with. The Yeoman readies an arrow, pulls back, and fires it: he hits the Summoner with a roll of a modified 20. He truly is excellent with a bow and arrow. The Summoner takes 5 damage and falls unconscious from blood loss.

Most people in the Parson’s position would run if they were being assaulted. The Parson, however, is not like most people. He racks his brains for a religious text that might sway the Shipman (scoring a 23 on his Religion Knowledge check), giving him a bonus of +3 to his next Diplomacy check with the Shipman. His next Diplomacy check is a 10, however, and does not beat the Shipman’s Will Save of 14. The Parson tried to evoke Jesus’ arrest and reminds the Shipman that the guards and Peter stopped their violence. The Shipman, however, remembers that Peter and the guards survived that night, and Jesus did not.

The Plowman continues praying.

The Haberdasher, the Carpenter, and the Dyer continue total defense. The Carpet Maker and the Weaver run up to them, and are now in the same northwest corner of the room as them.

The Manciple also arrives to the group in the northwest corner. He tells them that they’ll all survive if they follow his guidance. He rolls a 10 in trying to convince the Tradesmen to let him join. It’s just enough; the Tradesmen, neutral to him before, now have another ally.

The Shipman attacks the Cook with his dagger. He rolls a modified 20 and deals 3 damage. The Cook’s now close to passing out, and now has a nasty scar on his forehead.

The Monk’s Dogs catch up with the Parson. Dog One bites the Parson with a 17 and deals 2 damage. Dog Three’s bite (a 9) misses the Parson altogether. Dog Two rolls a 1, followed by a 4. This means that, in the confusion of the attack, it got bit by Dog Three and suffered 4 damage. Somehow, the Parson’s still alive, though he’s only 1 point away from falling over. But the Monk can still make a move. The Monk moves to the southeast end of the room. He is now south of the Parson. He shoots his crossbow, and hits the Parson with an 11. He deals 10 damage, meaning that he shot the Parson straight in the neck. The Parson’s on the floor now, unconscious, blood exploding out of his neck.

The Nun’s too courtly and refined to engage in total defense- she instead sees the brutal attack enacted by the Monk and screams at the Knight to defend her. The Knight, horrified by the unsaintly actions of a man of faith, will heed her call.

The Sergeant of Law moves South and joins up with the Knight and Squire. He asks for their protection, and once again the chivalrous family does not refuse.

The Wife of Bath, now at the South End of the Room, does the same thing as the Sergeant of Law, and receives the same answer.

The Cook, now horrified at what happened to the man who saved his life, tries to escape the Shipman and protect the Parson’s body from the dogs. But running away from combat triggers an Attack of Opportunity from the Shipman, and a roll of 17 means that the Cook takes 2 damage and falls unconscious as the slash of the knife draws out enough precious blood.

The Pardoner just witness what happened to his friend the Summoner. Enraged, he runs southwest across the room to stop the Friar from his finishing blow. Going after the Parson meant that he won’t reach his friend in time.

The Reeve’s dagger finally hits with a 16, but it’s so rusty (and the Reeve’s so old and feeble) that the dagger only scratches, dealing no damage.

The Miller’s punch connects this time with a 21, dealing 4 damage to the Reeve and breaking one of his rib bones.

The Knight, now filled with righteous anger at the Monk, moves east to confront him. He, like the other pilgrims, can only move thirty feet per round, and therefore hasn’t reached attacking range yet.

The Merchant, seeing that the Monk made enemies with the most powerful man in the room, decides to renege on his promise. He instead moves west, and ends up in between the wall and the Squire. Once again a pilgrim asks for help, and once again Team Knight does not refuse.

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ALIVE: Everyone (but not for long)

TEAM KNIGHT: Knight, Squire, Yeoman, Nun, Franklin, Sergeant of Law, Wife of Bath, Merchant, Friar

TEAM TRADESMEN: Haberdasher, Carpenter, Dyer, Candle Maker, Weaver, Doctor, Manciple

The Squire cuts a path east, both expanding the territory of his alliance and allowing him to join his father in battle with the Monk.

The Doctor catches up with the Tradesmen and, with the help of the Manciple, form a plan. They will all line up against the corner on either wall, allowing them to gang up on whomever dares to attack them. The Doctor will heal anyone who injures them. This is as far as their planning gets: as good as the defense may be, they have no offensive strategy yet.

The Franklin joins the Merchant, The Sergeant of Law, and the Nun on the southwest corner of the room, huddled together for support.

The Cleric, now witnessing the horrible fate of the Summoner, runs south toward the Knight’s group, looking for protection.

The Summoner succeeds his Fortitude Save with a modified 20, meaning that he stabilizes his condition. He is, however, still unconscious.

The Friar, however, is not. He takes his dagger straight through the heart of the Summoner, killing him instantly.

Chaucer continues to look on.

The Friar hears the Pardoner running up to him, due to the Pardoner’s clanging bag of relics. He begs the Yeoman to defend him, and the Yeoman shoots an arrow at the Pardoner. The Yeoman’s roll of 24 means that he hits the Pardoner on the side of the chest and deals 7 damage. The Pardoner’s wind is knocked out of him, and he’s close to death.

The Parson’s faith does not help him on a Fortitude roll, which gave him a 6 when he needed a 19 or higher to survive. The life runs out of him with the last of his blood.

Even amidst all this chaos, the Plowman continues to pray.

The Carpet Maker and the Weaver move to the Northern Wall, in accordance with their plan. The tradesmen, concerned about their appearance, are unsure of the Doctor’s and the Manciple’s plan. We will look like cowards, they argue, and our wives will be ashamed of us. They consider this plan a temporary measure while they come up with a better plan.

The shrewd Manciple has one in mind. He’ll convince the Miller to join them, and then the group can sneak up behind whomever the Miller is fighting in order to stab them in the back and ensure victory. The tradesmen agree that this is a decent plan, as long as the Miller doesn’t survive and they can claim to their family that they were glorious in combat.

The Shipman reaches down, grabs the neck of the Cook, and then snaps it. The Cook is now dead.

The Monk rolls a 4 on Perception; he does not hear nor see the Knight and Squire approaching. His big eyeballs are focused on his next easy target: the Plowman. He orders his dogs to attack the Plowman, and his Greyhounds run up with easy. The dogs all succeed on their attacks, dealing 2, 2, and 3 damage repectively. The Plowman falls unconscious under the vicious attack from the three greyhounds.

The Nun continues to watch the chaos in the room that destroys her image of a courtly, refined world. She looks to the Sergeant of Law and asks for his advice.

The Sergeant of Law is not the man who gives good advice. He advises her to stay close to the Yeoman, as he’ll protect her. The Nun complies, running up to hide behind the Yeoman’s back.

The Wife of Bath now joins the group that the Knight, the Squire, and the Yeoman are defending.

The Pardoner now reaches the Friar and strikes him with his sack of relics. It lands a blow on the side of the Friar’s head, dealing 2 damage to him.

The Reeve slashes again with his rusty dagger. He rolls a 2, and can only manage to raise his arm before the Miller swats it away.

The Miller’s punch is a 16 roll, which deals 7 damage. The Reeve falls to the floor with a concussion.

The Knight now reaches the Monk and swings with his longsword. A 14 hits the Monk, resulting in 6 damage. With most of his leg sliced off, it’s now all the Monk can do to stay conscious.

The Merchant attempts to bargain with the people in his vicinity (Sergeant of Law, The Franklin, The Wife of Bath). He suggests that they, once only the Knight’s group remains, hold the Squire hostage until the Knight agrees to surrender to them. His respected position comes in handy here with a roll of 17: the Wife of Bath and the Franklin all agree to his proposal.

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To be continued here.


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