My Growing Story

I suppose I could wrap up this announcement in a clever metaphor or build up to it in some way, but I’m just too excited. So here’s the news: I’ve been accepted as a content creator at! Right now I basically feel like Cinderella but with a worse figure and only two rodent friends instead of many.

Their names are Sans and Papyrus! They are also not my rats.

My Trending Stories is a web content creator that features fresh and original articles from handpicked bloggers like myself. There’s daily news, business advice, an entertainment section (where I’ll likely be writing)… there’s content on sports, lifestyles, religion, tech, science, and holy cow, this website really is a one-stop info fix. I can easily imagine someone getting lost there for hours.

Also good news: the team at My Trending Stories seems quite friendly so far. They’re interested in mentoring their small pool of writers so their contributors can grow as authors. I might even have access to an editor! If you like my content already, then you can expect it to become even better in the coming months.

You can check out my new profile at There are no articles up there yet, but there will be one soon… and it’ll give you a whole new perspective into who I am.


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