Why You Should Follow My Instagram and Pinterest


One part of my responsibilities as a member of the MyTrendingStories team includes signing up for a bunch of social media accounts. I now have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, as required by my company. I also have a Tumblr, though MyTrendingStories did not require one from me for some reason. Maybe they have grim hopes for Tumblr’s future.

MyTrendingStories asked that I create a Pinterest and Instagram account too. At first, I had no idea what to do with these. Then I got a good idea (a daily occurrence for me, though I do like these ones).

I’m trying to keep up an active reading life, but I have no interest in reviewing or talking about my books on this blog. Either the books aren’t that relevant at this time, or there’s just not much to say about them. So instead of writing a thousand words on a book, I’ll just use a picture. Starting now, you can check out what books I’m reading by following my Instagram. What’s so special about that? My review will consist of one picture, with maybe a few words explaining my object choice. Take, for example, Matthew Lewis’ The Monk. I consider the story crazy, gross, unintentionally hilarious, but compelling in a so-bad-it’s-good way. Therefore, there will be a picture in my Instagram captioned ‘A Review of “The Monk” by Matthew Lewis.’ The picture will contain a section of The Wicked Bible colored by glowstick fluid and sitting on a toilet. There will also be a hidden penis on the photo. And when I finish reading No Country for Old Men, you’ll see a picture reviewing that book as well.

My Pinterest, in contrast, will focus on plans for future stories. Edgar Allan Poe often thought up a striking image or moment and then back-engineered a story from that thought. I’ll post on the board “The Story’s Climax” with images that may figure in the climax of one of my works. With each picture, I’ll work out how the story gets there and end the tale by putting that image in the reader’s mind. And you can use these images too: think of it as an alternative kind of story prompt!

Check out my Instagram here if you want book reviews.

Check out my Pinterest here if you want alternative story prompts.


One thought on “Why You Should Follow My Instagram and Pinterest

  1. A picture is worth ? A riddle is entertainment. I’d rather read a book as then my imagination puts pictures in my head, which is my own personal photoshop.


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