Who Would Your Favorite Literary Character Vote For? (2016 Presidential Edition)


You know what this is, the title told you what this is, so let’s dive right in! Just a quick digression— this exercise assures that all these characters are transported to modern-day, are told to vote for one of the four most prominent presidential candidates, and are given an hour to google them. Do these characters know how to google? What about non-American characters? Who cares, baby! It’s my premise, and I’m going to tell you right, here, right now, that we’re going to test your favorite book characters with one of the most controversial moments in political history! LET’S RIDE (in no particular order)!

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adjective (dated) 1. sentimentally or foolishly amorous

So… it’s been a while.


There are excuses— one of the main ones regarding osteochondritis dissecans— but, as you’ll read about later, I’m hesitant to tell my readers about things that are only interesting to me. And my last two months are nothing new… I spent September and October 2015 uploading a lot of old content too. It’s college time, what can I say. So instead of talking my absences, let’s talk about someone whose lack of content provokes more discussion. I know people are still talking about it, because I spent the last week crawling through 300+ forum pages of people somehow still talking about it, or, rather, him.

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