BLOG UPDATE: Starting 11/26/16

I’ve mentioned before that Februaries are terrible for me, but that doesn’t mean Novembers are off the hook.

Douglas MacArthur would tell a story about his father, an army captain stationed in New Orleans. A cotton broker tried to bribe the captain with a large sum of cash plus a night with a Southern gal. MacArthur soon reported to Washington to inform his superiors, “I am depositing the money with the Treasury of the United States and request immediate relief of my command. They are getting close to my price.”

I haven’t given up writing or telling stories in my life just yet. But with osteochondritis dissecans in one knee, overstrained muscles in the other, a virus that induces headaches and dizziness whenever I read or look at a computer, and all of these maladies in addition to my usual anxiety and depression issues, let me tell you… they are getting close to my price.

Word Salad Spinner may receive a few updates in a couple of weeks. But until further notice, I’m relaxing my “1,250 words a week” requirement, and may even go radio silent for a month or two. I invite you all to peruse the several tens of thousands of words already on the blog… but it’ll be a while before anything new appears. I will spend that time recovering and preparing new great material for you all!


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