A review of the movie “Arrival”

You didn’t think I’d be gone that easily, did you?


Yes, I still can’t write, and I can only read with immense difficulty right now. But there are two things I can do: watch movies and talk about them in my first-ever podcast! So use my discussion of the science-fiction movie Arrival as something nice to listen to when you’re working on something monotonous, or need some white noise to sleep, or, you know, want to learn about films and shit. Now I’m going away before my head bursts open.

P.S. I meant to say “I spearheaded my family’s decision to see this movie.” I did not spearhead this movie, that would be weird.


One thought on “A review of the movie “Arrival”

  1. Anonymous

    Nice work. You and your brother provide a very enjoyable and interesting movie review. Haven’t heard something like this before. You might consider doing more of this in addition to your writing.


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