The Evolution of Word Salad Spinner

Now that I’m (mostly) recovered from surgery, I’m sure you’re wondering about the big surprise.

I have lots of time to write now, sitting at home, using a CPM machine to keep my knee healthy, surrounded by books and projects galore… which is the problem. I’ve also acquired immersive video games, classic movie collections, and, oh yeah, THE INTERNET, to distract me. This is one reason that a full-time job writing fiction isn’t as dreamlike as you think. It’s easy to get lost in the dreams of others. As I’ve implied before, I need to write and exercise to keep in good spirits. I can’t exercise, and I want to limit the times I leave my dreams in the back of my mind instead of the front.


Therefore: until further notice, Word Salad Spinner shall receive daily blog updates.


Sounds crazy? It does to me… even though I’ve considered taking this next step, I’ve never done anything like it before. But the new path of WSS won’t be the 1,250 words in a day that I’ve produced so far. Remember, 1,250 words is the weekly goal for this blog. My updates will be shorter, and will follow more traditional here’s-what’s-happening-in-my-life-and-on-my-mind subjects. That approach wasn’t in my original vision, but hey, the numbers say you guys like the personal stuff better anyways!


For the time being, here are some weekly content schedules:

  • Trudge-On Tuesday! I talked a lot about writing in the past two years, but not enough on my writing journey. Well, now it’s in the planner. Every Tuesday, I’ll talk about what I’ve done the past week to directly further my writing goals— not scribbles I’ve done for fun or for future projects, but writing that will bring me closer to being published.
  • Wise Wednesday! I’m almost a college graduate, and I’ve written down a lot of tips and tricks over the years. Let’s lay them out! Answering the whys and hows, every Wednesday!
  • Fandom Friday! You love nerdy things, I love nerdy things, let’s write clickbait for them! Yes, blog traffic influenced the creation of this day. But the things I love will help elucidate the writer I am!
  • Short Story Saturday! The day for Glimmer Train reviews, as well as anything else I want to discuss. I’ll publish each review on Saturday, but I recommend that you hold off reading it until Sunday morning. It’ll be a nice, relaxing way to begin your day of rest (unless you work on Sunday, of course. Which most of you probably do. Look, just save these reviews for lazy mornings, all right?).


More weekly features will come about as I think up on them. I’d say goodbye… but I won’t be gone long.



One thought on “The Evolution of Word Salad Spinner

  1. Brian Y. Quote

    We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort. Respect your efforts, respect yourself.


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