Have You Heard About The Freelancer?

It became a cycle. Find an interesting website, bookmark it, forget that it ever existed. Well, today I broke out of that cycle, and visited a website that I meant to check out ages ago: www.contently.net, otherwise known as The Freelancer. I hope you aspiring freelancers will also break out of your procrastination cycle and spend some time here.

The Illuminati has good branding, it seems.


This aggregator aims to teach fellow outworkers how to improve their job skills, be it settling on a good asking price or choosing assignments or handling rejection. I’m not sure how useful this website will be in my future— my blog just could end up being a fun personal project. But anyone who’s ready for the hectic, hustling life of pitching, editing, submitting and crying, The Freelancer will certainly help you freelance.

Here are some of my favorite Freelancer articles so far:

  • 10 Mistakes That’ll Ruin Your Freelancing Career (and the sequel), by Nicole Dieker : A fair amount of the advice seems obvious, but several tidbits can inform you of hidden social rules in this world. For example: even though I have an online presence with this blog, I almost never comment on online articles. If I started doing so with stories I like (or stories I have beef with, as long as I’m polite), the site’s managers will notice if I contact them later.
  • Why Calculating Your Freelance Rate Is So Important— and How to Do It, by Aubre Andrus: An important, if difficult, topic gets discussed here. I will definitely revisit this article sometime within the year.
  • If Freelancers Operated Like Other Businesses, by Susan Johnston Taylor: Not everything on this website consists of dry advice lists. Sometimes, the best way to learn about another culture is through its comedy.
  • How to Recover From a Killed Story, by Katherine Bordsky: The Freelancer, in just the home page alone, featured many stories for dealing with setbacks. Pretty telling about the job, I say…. or about the psychology of writers. Anyways, this one’s fact-based and provides a fair look into the industry.


Of special note are the Rates Database and Find Work sections of the website, which help freelancers find places to submit to. There’s a lot to discover on The Freelancer, and even more to gain.


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