Word Salad Spinner’s Policy On Updating Stories

For Trudge-On Tuesday, I’ve submitted “I Am A Mountain (y estoy hundiendo)” to Critique Circle, seeking editing advice from its wonderful inhabitants. Soon, the people of that website will give me the perspective of many outsiders, allowing me to hammer away at my story until it’s sharp and effective. You can read what I have so far of the tale right here… which is kind of the problem.

I intend to submit my best work to Word Salad Spinner, but I keep raising my standards for “best” every day. Before I publish the rest of the story on here (if I publish the rest of the story on here), everything about it may change. Do I just ignore the old post I made? Or should I give my readers the “inferior” version in its entirety?

Here’s my solution, for now. If I dramatically change a story before I’ve posted all of it on Word Salad Spinner, I will replace the text in the old post with the new text. So despite the changes I made to “The College Station All-Male Feminist Union,” you will not see an updated version of that yarn for a while. Yet I am no George Lucas… despite the days I wish I was. If you liked my old version better, it will be available on the modified post, viewable and downloadable with a quick click of a link (say that three times fast).

Let me know if this sounds like a good policy, or if you have better ideas.


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