Have You Heard About Seventh Sanctum?


Let’s be real, writers… not everything we put down in ink arrives to us after years of dedicated study, presented in a vision by an angelic, personally symbolic octopus. Sometimes, we write something down just to get to the next sentence, and to get to the symbols and allusions that are actually meaningful to us. Even if we do make a choice for a character name, or a funny animal to describe as “angelic,” the source of inspiration can be as simple as drawing a name out of the Infinite Hat that is the Internet. I have no idea what that last metaphor means, but I’m sure my English teacher does.

Anyways, if you’re looking for randomly generated names, rules, setting description, or basically anything fantasy-related, and you’re not picky, then Seventh Sanctum is the place for you.

Designed by Steve Savage, I find this website perfect for bridging the details in between the concepts that are yours and that are important to you, at least for fantasy and science fiction stories. I’ll link you to some generators, and I’ll do two things for you. I’ll try to make a story pitch from the limited outputs given to me… and then I’ll play the role of English teacher, attempting to piece together a broader meaning from the elements. I wouldn’t post so many reviews on my blog if I believed analysis was boring. Before I dive into such silliness, let me conclude my recommendation by saying, “Seventh Sanctum is spectacular, and us creatives would be poorer without it.”


Time for me to live up to the last two words in my name.

Those are all the elements in the Random Fantasy Story and its Random Pretentious Analysis… arriving tomorrow! Yes, turns out I’m running late on this post, and a daily blog update challenge means pacing myself. When the link turns red, it’s ready to be read.


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