Trendy Writing

So you’ve all probably heard this chestnut for bloggers: write about subjects that are trending right now. Some will tell you to input one of the 5 “w”s on, others will say it’s as simple as looking at the Google Trends page. Here’s a conundrum: what if you can’t?

I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Denver…


As I write this post, the top words people search for on Google are “Australian Open” “Syracuse men’s basketball” “Donald Trump Chicago” “Melania Trump Chelsea Handler” and “Villanova Wildcats men’s basketball.” What am I supposed to do with these? Even if I were into sports, there would be few reasons for mentioning them on a writing blog. And the world does not need another hit piece on the Trumps, for the same reason you can’t get rid of a swirling vortex of shit by throwing toilet paper at it. Typing in “how to write” on soovle shows that people want to write checks, cover letters, songs, resumes, and letters before they write a book.


What if no one wants to talk about your area of expertise? I don’t have a perfect answer yet, but here are my thoughts:


  • Settle For Second Best: If you’re writing in a somewhat-niche field, you don’t need to always talk about what everyone else is talking about. That Google Trends page, for example, has a section for Entertainment alone. Granted, it’s mostly covering the Academy Awards, but hey, there are writing awards given there, that’s something I can talk about.
  • Be Creative With Your Tags: Searching “how to write” on didn’t help much. Searching “how do writers” is loads better for me: in fact, the next few Wise Wednesdays might be based on those results alone. As a writer, you probably think differently from everyone else anyways. And as a bonus, your unique reasoning lets you rearrange words in several different ways.
    Also, yes, you can interpret “be creative” as “tag something that’s popular in your post, even if it’s only tangentially related.” It doesn’t work as well as you think.
  • Make Something Timeless: Sure, your article on 2000s fashion trends might not receive that many hits today. But in a few years, when the first decade of the 21st century becomes retro and hip, people will stop by your blog and find value in what you posted. By “timeless” of course, I mean “slightly ahead of your time”; the best way for you blog to set sail is to see where the wind is blowing.

I hope these tidbits of advice help your blog become both popular and authentic. And, for a final few words, I’d like to say Butch Trucks, Carrie Fisher, Get Well Mary Tyler Moore, United States Secret Service, Netflix, Netflix, Queer.


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