I Owe My Readers An Apology


It’s funny how many nice things I can find in my life, when I just examine what I have. I’ve always been bothered by the lack of comments on Word Salad Spinner. I just figured that the participants would eventually show as long as I keep blogging. Well, it turns out a few of you HAVE been commenting… its just that my spam filter kept blocking you! I suppose I’ll have to check on that app more often.


In particular, I would like to apologize to the following users, though this list doesn’t include everyone:

Schlüsseldienst Stuttgart



Vera Terrence

Wanetta Bauerkemper

Zulema Capano

Oswaldo Finklestein



Beau Domke

Fredrick Valdivia

Milo Krapf

Enola Metozen




Alex Powers

…and a couple others who only provide a weird email address. I hope this incident doesn’t turn you off from commenting, and I thank you for your support.

Going forward, here’s how I hope to improve the comment section:

  • The polls on each post will mean something. You’ve already noticed these quizzes for the last few entries I made. Don’t feel limited by the answers; they’re just a start. The comment section’s a good place to put any other answers you have! At any rate, the polls will influence one of the future posts I make, even in a subtle way, or even for a post that’s a while in the making.
  • I’ll address all comments within 24 hours. This includes everything from responding to your inquiries, to making sure my spam filter didn’t accidently catch you.
  • My favorite comments will feature on my Facebook page. This technique is less a bribe for you guys, more a “See, Grandma? I really should be a writer!” type deal. Try not to abuse this. That said, all your positive comments really do make my day!


This has been somewhat of a dry post, so I’ll leave you all with a song you should all hear. Listen, and remember the healing power of silliness…and of American Potatoes.


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