A Confession

The current political climate keeps me from posting some of my deeply held beliefs. Everyone’s so on edge and self-righteous nowadays… it’s hard to state an unpopular opinion without some measure of defensiveness. Yet I didn’t create this blog so I could not self-express. I might get some Internet backlash, but what the hey. Those SJWs could use a better class of target than the usual suspects.

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ChapterBuzzing: Achievement Unlocked

A little over a month ago, I entered into a contest of ChapterBuzz. The goal: write 10,000 words of a novel during March. I thought it would be easy. That wasn’t exactly the case. At any rate, I finished the challenge! Even better, with the words I added today, I managed to end on a cliffhanger! Go me!

What does this have to do with Wise Wednesday? Here’s what I learned: it’s ok to move in chunks. If I had written a little bit each day, as I had planned, I would have mitigated my accumulating stress. But, in the end, my improvised approach still got the job done. Use what works best for you!

Source: WriterPosts

You can start reading my novel here. There’s more coming too…


Glimmer Train Winter 2015: “Keller’s Ranch,” by Ming Holden


“Keller’s Ranch” discusses a lot of things, yet hardly anything at all. The story shares a lot of traits with Glimmer Train’s other occasional meandering, self-indulgent, plotless offerings. But, in contrast, there’s no pretentiousness in this one. “Keller’s Ranch” does tap into a truth about life, as sloppy as this truth ends up on the page.

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Have You Heard About The Hemingway App?

Whenever I hear someone discuss how Hemingway influenced modern literature, I cringe a little. Why? Well, first off, it means I need to read more Hemingway. I enjoyed The Old Man and the Sea, but I’ve never found time to read his other works amongst the billion other books on my list. Second: most of my feedback-givers compare me negatively to the famous writer. “You need to write a good, clean sentence…” “I can’t follow your train of logic…” I may be in the wrong here, but these statements don’t make me wanna be right.

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On Writing With Depression: Streak-Breaking

During most of 2017 (so far), I believed I’d never have to write a post about my depression issues ever again. From at least December, until last Friday, I did not experience a single depressive episode. It’s an accomplishment to be proud of, I’m sure. Just like those 5th place Olympic runners should feel proud, because hey, not everyone makes it that far.

What? I’m serious. It’s amazing to just make it to that event. No sarcasm or self-pitying here, I put enough of that on other posts as is.

A true champion

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