This always happens… I make big plans, and life gets in the way.

This time I tried to roll with the plans too. I mentioned in January that I had an OCD fixation surgery, and that the procedure put some hardware in my left knee. Well, today, I had a follow-up surgery to take the hardware out! The screws are right here in the bag.


I assumed that recovery for the hardware removal would not take long and overall not be painful. I also assumed that La La Land would win best picture, so what do I know.

To cut to the chase and keep rolling on: I’m returning to the old “just upload 1,250 words a week, no matter how” schedule of Word Salad Spinner, instead of updates on certain days. Hopefully, that’ll give me time to recover and to finish the novel excerpt that’s due for class. So, yes, I have to delay my post about similes again, but I’ll make it a priority once I’m back in the game. In the meantime, I’ll upload bits of my novel on ChapterBuzz, so you’ll still get content! You win either way! It’s a win for Internet users in the same way receiving a water bottle is a win for someone in a pool… but hey, which water would you rather drink?


While you’re waiting for me to recover (again!), how about you celebrate that I can get up… and you encourage me to drive that remixed soul.



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