Jennifer Garam wrote a great essay titled How To Keep Writing When No One Gives A Shit. All authors should read it (after reading my essays, of course 😊 ). I kept thinking about that article while writing the first draft of Two Candidates Walk Into A Bar.

Which is, certainly, a stupid connection to make. Of course people care about this project, even if the ChapterBuzz page doesn’t always reflect that. At any rate, I’ll reserve my “this is stupid and no one likes it” thoughts for the second draft. And if I ever had any doubts about who liked my stuff, then a blog post published yesterday helped erase them.



Timothy Pike, on his blog What Inspires Your Writing, discussed my novel draft and my thoughts on it. Which is exciting, yay! What Inspires Your Writing remains a force for good in the literary world, giving new writers a platform and allowing ChapterBuzz to exist. I’ve followed them for quite some time. I’m not much for “inspirational” writing blogs, but this one’s a good source of hope, as well as a good source for opportunities. Seriously, I’d tell you to take a look even without their shoutout.

So what’s the lesson for this Wise Wednesday? Garam’s correct when she says that most of your writing life consists of toiling in obscurity. Thing is, you’re not the only writer doing that. Reach out to other people in the same state you’re in. It often takes one person. Whenever I write something, I’m personally happy if just one person says they like it.

In light of the previous statement, I plan two resolutions. One: comment more on other people’s work, even if it’s just a simple “I like it!” I don’t need a thesis for each comment. Two: focus on the people who like my work, instead of that nebulous audience that may or may not care. If you ever want to make a request for a blog post, feel free to do so. There’s no reason to make art for myself. There’s no reason to make art for a vague “others.” But I should make art for someone.

And thanks to Timothy Pike, I’ve gained the strength to write for at least a few more someones.

FOR THE COMMENTS: What are some unappreciated/obscure blogs and stories I should check out?


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