Advanced Praise for “Two Candidates Walk Into A Bar”

“I legitimately laughed-out-loud when I read the words under your first chapter :).”

-A. Adams (not Amy Adams)

I submitted Two Candidates Walk Into A Bar for a novel workshop class this year. Here are a few of my classmate’s positive responses. Of course, not everything said about my novel was complimentary. But that doesn’t matter anymore. Because as of right now, the novel on ChapterBuzz has been updated. Welcome to Two Candidates Walk Into A Bar 2.0.

I laughed out loud during several areas and I think that the jokes translate well. I think that the humor starts out slowly at the beginning and becomes a bigger part the farther you get into it…I like the light heartness [sic] that has been provided to the usually very brass and serious topics that we have had to endure through the last election.

-A. Drummer

The proofreaders asked for more clarity, a more consistent world, and more background on the characters. I have delivered.

The topic of your novel seems fascinating to me: both unusual and informative. I hope to read it in the future.

-K. Hauck

Does this mean that anyone who read the old version has wasted their time? On the contrary! They can now see how much the story has grown… and how useful it can be to retrace your path before you finish steps 500-1,000,000 on your journey.

I think the strongest aspect of the draft is Amal’s character, since his off the wall approach to comedy is amusing. I can very clearly picture what he’s doing as I read the novel, even down to his facial expressions. I enjoyed the way he played things off very deadpan at times.

-M. Krover

Your first drafts do not doom you. They are not an anchor you have to bear. The first drafts are for you to get our ideas out, perhaps not in their best suits, but at least walking instead of crawling. The comments on your first drafts do not define you as a writer (except for the positive ones, of course! Hang on to those). What you do with those drafts are the mark of your skill. To go forward, you must look both ways before crossing the next chapter.

Something that I thought was done really well in this piece were memorable one-liners… These lines really make the piece. They show the witty and poetic side of the writer.

-S. Schmidt

The journey continues (or, rather, reboots)… here.


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