Have You Heard About Feedly.com?

We all have several different email accounts, and we don’t know what to do with them.
 Real Madrid
Pictured: Tuesday
Betsy DeVos
Readers of my blog know that I like structure. My current writing plan entails a 9:00 am visit to the library, an intense work session until 10:30, then an hour+ walk, creating blog posts in whatever time I have the rest of the day. But when it comes to emails, it’s all anarchy. Email organization even affects us non-politicians.

I thought I was clever. I would give my email address to any decent writing site, and I would fill my Tumblr with various helpful writing blogs. The worst possible result happened for both. I didn’t hate the reminders to write on my email and Tumblr. I learned to ignore them. I skipped over news from Writer’s Digest like they were notifications from a restaurant I visited, once, in another state. And I would just avoid Tumblr in general (a loss for my daily entertainment, but perhaps a win for my long-term mental health?). All my other email accounts could be avoided if I stayed away from my laptop. So I spend all the reminders that I’m goofing off to the email/social media site I look at when I’m goofing off. To succeed as a writer, I  cannot compromise my free time.
yesMichael Floyd
So here’s a solution I found. Feedly.com allows you to choose content creators to follow, then it puts everything by those creators in one, chronological list. Clicking on each article gives you a preview. It’s easy, from there, to go to the full post. It’s even possible to organize feeds by topic. You can add to your reading list not only sites, but social media feeds as well. And yes, this does sound like an ad, doesn’t it? I’m not getting paid to do this, and if I find this site useless in the long run, you’ll be the first to know. Hey, good web is good web.
Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 4.02.36 PM
This isn’t an ad, you guys! For real! I’m a serious and independent writer, so much so that I won’t even put the link here unless I’ve completely sold out!
 Conrad Hilton
With Feedly.com, I have a way to utilize the Sea of Internet Advice in the best way possible: occasional, timed swims. I want to keep learning, even after college. That means I decide the best way and place to study my craft, and the best way and place is not on the toilet after a long day. I recommend loading up this site with work-related advice, then scheduling an hour or so to read your feed and take notes on it. This website’s still new for me. But for the types of writers who separate their candy by color before eating it (and never eat candy unless it’s on the schedule), then I invite you to try this out with me.

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