A New World Lies Ahead


You may have noticed a slow-down of updates here on Word Salad Spinner. There’s a simple reason for that. It’s also the reason why I’m skipping over today’s Short Story Saturday.

By the time you read this, I will have graduated from the University of Iowa, with a degree in English and Creative Writing.

After today, I will experience the first time, in my life, without school on the horizon. The future is entirely up to me.

There’s a piece of life advice that has been on my mind this past week, though I can’t recall where it’s from. It goes, paraphrased, like this: only take on hardship for your own benefit, never for the benefit of others.

Most of my life, I made decisions based on what others wanted for me. I was agreeable for them. I did certain activities for them. I believed pre-selected ideas for them. And those ideas and behaviors did improve my life, in many categories.

But now? I can see freedom, in the air, and I wonder why I didn’t see it all around me. It has always been there, for all my life. A life flying through that open air… that is a life I want.

I am grateful for the friends and family I have. They helped me through tough times, and are, in general, wonderful. But I have a skill that they cannot hope to learn. I know, better than anyone, what it’s like being me. I will take responsibility for my future, and I will let it be my own.

The chaotic blog updates will continue for as long as they need to. My time to “grow up” has ended. The freedom to live awaits. This is only a goodbye for those that wish it. Thank you to everyone who supported me on this journey. But now? I think I’ll start with a long sail, a dance over the wind, out onto that eternal sky…





















(oh yeah, I have to get a job soon)



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