Rejection #3

I achieved a key aspiration today.
Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 2.32.10 PM.png
Why yes, I WOULD like to clarify how I moved the goalposts. You see, I tend to get obsessive while I wait for submission feedback. When I sent over my short story “I Am A Mountain (y estoy hundiendome)” to Crazy Horse, they told me I could expect a reply at the beginning of June. At first, I pushed aside the whole competition to focus on school. As my time freed up and I lost steam on my current writing projects, I kept checking their submission site like it was Twitter after the president sends a more-inscrutable-than-usual tweet. I checked my submissions page daily, a full month before I could expect to hear from the magazine. This is normal for me. It’s damn near covfefe. 
So the last week was abnormal in a good way. With writing a novel and studying up on becoming a better blogger, I lost track of my submission until Crazy Horse sent me an email. The rejection came with a sense of relief. I could move on.
And move on I will. I’ll update the Mission Statement in a couple of days with a list of more concrete, immediate goals. I didn’t get too discouraged by this rejection. But the best way to avoid discouragement would be to send so many submissions that there’s always a story awaiting acceptance. Perhaps I’ll keep live updates for you on my story submissions. Or even create a betting pool! Living like a writer means enjoying the pursuit more than the catch. If vigor be the soul of art… game on.
In the meantime, for all you aspiring writers, keep in mind the boy who had to keep on rockin’ until he made it to the top…

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