The New Mission of Word Salad Spinner

So, Nick, why do you want to be a writer?

I’ll admit, I forgot the answer for a while. That’s what’s weird about me. I find something I like, and then I kill it. Be it reading or swimming or theater, I take my passions and encode them in rigid formulas and mounting to-do lists. Then, when you take away the to-do lists in my life, it’s like you took my personality with them.


I got so focused on making fiction my livelihood, that I missed out on why fiction makes life worth living. I still love writing. What I don’t love is agonizing over how to make the “perfect” story until I’m more unresponsive and sluggish than my 6-year-old laptop. When I was a kid, I never worried about who would see my Captain Underpants homage comics. I just loved making them. It’s sad that I write out of desperation instead of zeal, but that’s normal for creative folk. It shouldn’t be normal. More important than any story I create, I want to change that anomalous “normal.”

In the past year, there were some moments where I relished in the joy of craft itself. Those moments happened in collaborative writing projects. There was no worry about getting things “right” until later. Creating a skit or story on a Google Doc taught me a lot about writing, and let me connect with my friends better. And, yes, it did also fill out a slot on the to-do list. If it’s that important to me (which it still is!).

I would love to have collaboration writing become an acceptable social habit. Just two people working on a project together, for the fun of writing. As normal as two friends throwing a frisbee around, or playing a video game. For each project, none of the participants have to be writers. Either of them could toss the results in the trash if they so desired.

Here’s my new Mission Statement: I want to write with everybody.

Word Salad Spinner will become the hub for my collaborations with other writers. For now, I’m going to make stories with as many writing-friends who will join me. The idea is to open up these collaborations to the public one day, where anyone can sign up, on this site, to write a project with me.

For a small fee, of course. It’s a bit crass, talking about money in a passionate post, but the fate of Steam Greenlight serves as a great warning against leaving your gates too open.Money will be a concern years later. This project will change as I experiment more and more… wait until I get ahold of some streaming equipment!

This week, however, I’m going to contact other writers and bloggers, and arrange times to collaborate with and interview them. You can expect some major changes to the layout of Word Salad Spinner in the next few months. Hell, this site might not even be called Word Salad Spinner by the end. As always, I will post 1,250 words every week, come hell or high fevers. But now those 1,250 words will support a noble quest (most of the time. I still have my lazy weeks!).

Thanks for reading me these past two years, and for waiting on me these past three weeks. All this has the making of a good story. Let’s write it together.




P.S.: Eagle-eyed (read: obsessive) viewers might notice the absence of about 45 old posts from the blog. I say “might notice,” but I know that’s impossible. I went through my 2015-2016 output and deleted anything that a) didn’t get any views in the past year, and b) I did not care about. I still have the deleted posts saved, in case anybody desperately needs them. But I removed them (alongside most of my redundant tags) to streamline my blog’s content and not let my good work get cluttered by old junk. Believe me, if I were solely deleting posts I’m not proud of, you’d see more than 45 posts gone. Much more.

So, yeah, that’s why this weekly update blog no longer has anything from March 2015 available. I’ll make it up for you.


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