Mission Statement

Odds are, you’re reading my blog because you’re procrastinating your writing.

Admit it. The process got too stressful. You began your novel with the zeal of a mad scientist, and then, like most real-life scientists, found your passion for the craft crushed by all the numbers. Numbers telling you how many adverbs you should use. Or how many characters a decent murder mystery needs. Or how many days you should wait until you can call yourself a “real writer.” When you squeeze writing alongside a job and friendships and all those TV shows that every writer just has to see, it’s no wonder you browse the Internet in an attempt to rejuvenate mental juices.

Well, congratulations. I’m going to rejuvenate those juices. And, for my next magical trick, I’ll get my own creative energy flowing too.

Contact me through the form below if you’re interested in creating a work of art together. I’m focused more on the process than the product; you can throw away whatever we work on, if you want. You can also lay claim to any of the ideas brought up in our sessions. This is a no-pressure (and ideally, no numbers) environment. This collaboration is free of charge while it’s in the experimental phase. One day, two people writing a story together will be as natural as two people playing a sport together, or two people procrastinating (via watching TV) together.

Do you really enjoy writing?

If so, then why are you putting it off?

Sign up below:

8 thoughts on “Mission Statement

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