Best Of


If you’re looking for a place to start, these freshman posts will do the trick!

  • On Writing With Depression
    The first “big” post of Word Salad Spinner. Even after all this time, it’s empathetic and insightful without falling into self-pity. Rereading it, I still find something to learn from it.
  • To Kill A Mockingbird: A Newbie’s Perspective
    After 55+ years of the book existing in the public consciousness, I found some new things to say about it. It’s a through and alternate view (for the most part) that I’m sure you’ll appreciate. The review for the sequel isn’t as well written, but it makes an important statement about Go Set A Watchman.
  • Nice Guys, Amirite?
    Navigating a difficult subject with grace and humor, I talk about getting kicked out of a feminist club. My attempts to be clever sometimes affect clarity, but this blog post allowed me to be both fair and honest amidst a somewhat-embarrassing situation.
  • The Life of the Poet Eternal
    Even after taking a couple of poetry classes, this is one of my favorite poems in my backlog. A good balance of adorable allusions and rhymes.
  • Motivation vs. Commitment & The Third Option
    Within the space of a month, I ended up (essentially) doing a 180 on one of writing’s most important questions. As a result, I gave a great defense to both sides while also documenting my professional and psychological journey.
  • The Thrawn Trilogy Retrospective
    These reviews are good. They just amuse me because, many months after I published them, the review for the second book (Dark Force Rising) still gets occasional views. It’s a mystery to me, says the man who tagged that review with both “Star Wars” and “Episode VIII.” Well, let me make it as easy for you as 1 2 3.



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