Two Candidates Walk Into A Bar: Chapter 14

Political satire may be dead, but this novel certainly isn’t! You can read up on the ongoing drama between Amal and Henry (and also learn how to speak Republican) here:

And yes, it has been a while, so you can start the whole affair here:

Eagle-eyed readers may be wondering: How did we get to Chapter 14? The last update was for Chapter 2.

You’re not the only ones to notice that. Originally, I uploaded the first part of this novel as two mega-chapters. My proofreaders recommend spacing out the content, and I obliged. Tell me if you think the current format helps this novel, or hurts it!

Advanced Praise for “Two Candidates Walk Into A Bar”

“I legitimately laughed-out-loud when I read the words under your first chapter :).”

-A. Adams (not Amy Adams)

I submitted Two Candidates Walk Into A Bar for a novel workshop class this year. Here are a few of my classmate’s positive responses. Of course, not everything said about my novel was complimentary. But that doesn’t matter anymore. Because as of right now, the novel on ChapterBuzz has been updated. Welcome to Two Candidates Walk Into A Bar 2.0.

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The Fate of “Two Candidates Walk Into A Bar” rests with YOU!

For each Trudge-Along Tuesday, I plan to show you what I did to advance my writing goals. Ideally, I present something concrete each week, like a new chapter for my novel. But throughout the past few days, my unconscious mind took over my musings on a problem. I wanted to say I finished Amal’s character sheet today. Until I solve this current conundrum, I can’t develop much else.

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Two Candidates Walk Into A Bar: Chapter 2 (Completed!)

The cliffhanger is addressed!

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