I Exposed the MyTrendingStories Scam. Here’s Their “Perfect” Apology

Oh, this’ll be good.

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Cue “Ironside
At the end of March 2018, I detailed my history with the MyTrendingStories scam (henceforth MTS). They’re a content mill that preys on writers less like mosquitos and more like gnats. Today, I’ll follow up on the original article. My exposé had two copies on the web: one on my personal blog and another on the MTS domain itself. Revenge is a dish best served with salt in the wound. Part 2 of this story begins and ends with that second upload, and revolves around how MTS delivered the “perfect” apology under the worst circumstances.

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The Secret Project, Revealed

Months back, I teased a big project that would take up my writing time in late 2017 and early 2018. Funnily enough, I created this project for a platform designed to respect a bibliophile’s time. Now that the release date is set, I present, debuting exclusively on Everyst… FLYING THROUGH LIVES.

Yes, that is a Lego ship in the foreground. The Infinite Improbability Drive is weird, man.

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I’m Quitting The MyTrendingStories Scam



Quitting mytrendingstories.com

I thought myself immune to freelance cons, at least for a little while. It’s funny how the same vices you mock in other writers become harmless and excusable when you indulge in them. Most people don’t want to act the fool, but nobody wants to be the fool. That’s my justification for not reporting such soul-sucking scum until now, even though they’re not worth the effort to pity. May this account of the MyTrendingStories scam bring you wisdom, and perhaps calm me down. Or at least streamline my anger into something thoughtful.

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Lending Libraries

I love ‘em! More than that, lending libraries provide a great excuse for introverted readers to get outdoors. I enjoy walking as exercise, especially outside during such a lovely summer. But when you spend an hour and a half of your weekdays walking around the same town, you get bored faster than you get fit. The best way to exercise is to give yourself a goal.


So when I walk, I find as many lending libraries as I can. For the uninformed, here’s how they work. A lending library looks like a little house on a post. They’re often found in front lawns. Inside those little houses, you’ll find various books of unpredictable quality. The policy is simple: if you take a book, you must leave a book. It’s the perfect way for you to clean out your old books without stress, and to find new books without money. It is acceptable for you to take out a Margaret Atwood novel and replace it with a children’s picture book (but if you do, you’re probably the type who puts a basket of those complimentary saltine crackers in your purse).


Each time I found a lending library in my hometown (or in Iowa), I took a picture. 3 months and 15 lost pounds later, here are some of the best!

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Strange People Approached Me on the Streets of Chicago

On my long, tiring, as-of-yet-fruitless search for steady employment, I submitted a writing sample to Cult of Americana. They’re a website that chronicles the amusing tales in ordinary American life. I think this submission was too morose to make their cut, but I still like how it turned out!

The Ramblers of Chicago

Nick Edinger


Loss of innocence has nothing to do with ignorance.

For two summers, I worked as a Ticket Sales Agent for a double decker bus company. I spent each workday selling guided tours of Chicago, shouting sales offers over the din of downtown traffic, calculating new ways to fend off boredom. It was a nice job, provided you applied sunscreen.

My mission as Ticket Sales Agent involved reaching out to pedestrians. Occasionally, pedestrians reached out to me. Of the many bizarre people I met in Chicago, here are three that changed my worldview in minutes.

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The New Mission of Word Salad Spinner

So, Nick, why do you want to be a writer?

I’ll admit, I forgot the answer for a while. That’s what’s weird about me. I find something I like, and then I kill it. Be it reading or swimming or theater, I take my passions and encode them in rigid formulas and mounting to-do lists. Then, when you take away the to-do lists in my life, it’s like you took my personality with them.

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