(Update 5/22/17) Going Down, Slow

The number one thing you learn in college is how little you actually know.

I put out a lot of good content for this blog in 2017. Even if the posts had turned out shit, at least the writing practice would’ve helped me improve my skills. The advice column alone grew to contain 35 posts. That’s not as good a bragging point as you think.

Do I believe that every single advice post on Word Salad Spinner will help you write? Yes, I do believe that. But I don’t know that. I talk a lot of game for someone who only has a modest blog and no publications to show for their English degree. As I read blogging advice online, I learn how much work lies ahead before this blog can reach its full potential.

As always, Word Salad Spinner will provide 1,250 words a week. But for a few months, at least, the topics will be more personal, more blog-like as it were. I’ll go back to a stricter schedule when I know what the hell I’m doing. You will still see updates on Trudge-Along Tuesday (where I update the progress on my novel) and Short Story Saturday (where I talk about Glimmer Train’s short stories, and how the magazine can help both me and you become better writers). I might start sharing the content of other writers and bloggers far wiser than me. Other than that? I’m gonna just be myself. You can expect to learn more about the real me in the next few weeks…

The Wheels of Writing Grind Slowly, But Everything’s Fine!

The journey to create Two Candidates Walk Into A Bar has been a strange one. I’ve finished Amal Beck’s character sheet yesterday. Today and tomorrow, I’ll work on edits to the novel itself. During the past week, I’ve thought about how to rework different parts of the story. In answer to last week’s post: I’m going with option 3.

(as a side note, I lost my current idea notepad AGAIN. I swear, my iPod Touch targets the most important notes I keep for unexpected deletion. This is the third time in the past two years where out of 30 notes, the only jottings to disappear are the most important ones.)

What I’ve learned as a writer: it’s ok if nothing goes as planned. I like my schedules, and this week looked like the first period of time in a while when I could actually keep one. Today’s missed alarms thought otherwise. Again, technology is out to get me. Or, at least, it’s trying to convince me that the only things worth doing are worth doing quickly.

Novel-writing will continue to be a rocky, bizarre process. It’s time I embraced that. I still want to create a good schedule for myself, mind… but I also want the freedom to change it when I need to. I dictate the schedule; the schedule doesn’t dictate me.  Beating myself up over today will not help me get up tomorrow. And hey, I don’t need all those idea notes anyways… I’ve got plenty to use.

I hope you don’t surrender your writing life to what you think should happen. I hope you let your beautiful, crazy experiences create a writing life all for yourself.

Update 4/20/17

I’ve been breaking some promises, and I’ve been keeping some too.

Many of you may have noticed the missing Tuesday and Wednesday updates. Well, guess what, I’m sick again. With what? I wish I knew. My doctor says it could be unknown seasonal allergies, could be a virus. Anyways, I spent the last few days just trying to walk around the house without collapsing.

I considered updating the blog anyways. Here’s what I concluded: I had nothing to say at the time, and I had no way of making that nothing worth reading. I still plan to write 1,250 words a week, same as I promised in the beginning. But, as I talked about here, I don’t want to waste your time. So if I’m a bit slow on the updates, know that I’m taking care of myself… and making this blog the best it can be.

And now for something completely different:

A Confession

The current political climate keeps me from posting some of my deeply held beliefs. Everyone’s so on edge and self-righteous nowadays… it’s hard to state an unpopular opinion without some measure of defensiveness. Yet I didn’t create this blog so I could not self-express. I might get some Internet backlash, but what the hey. Those SJWs could use a better class of target than the usual suspects.

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This always happens… I make big plans, and life gets in the way.

This time I tried to roll with the plans too. I mentioned in January that I had an OCD fixation surgery, and that the procedure put some hardware in my left knee. Well, today, I had a follow-up surgery to take the hardware out! The screws are right here in the bag.


I assumed that recovery for the hardware removal would not take long and overall not be painful. I also assumed that La La Land would win best picture, so what do I know.

To cut to the chase and keep rolling on: I’m returning to the old “just upload 1,250 words a week, no matter how” schedule of Word Salad Spinner, instead of updates on certain days. Hopefully, that’ll give me time to recover and to finish the novel excerpt that’s due for class. So, yes, I have to delay my post about similes again, but I’ll make it a priority once I’m back in the game. In the meantime, I’ll upload bits of my novel on ChapterBuzz, so you’ll still get content! You win either way! It’s a win for Internet users in the same way receiving a water bottle is a win for someone in a pool… but hey, which water would you rather drink?


While you’re waiting for me to recover (again!), how about you celebrate that I can get up… and you encourage me to drive that remixed soul.


How Nick Edinger’s “Seventh Sanctum Story” Underlines the Development of Transmuting Byzantine Processes Into Uncomplicated Terminations (Abstract)

Flight of the Mayfly: How Nick Edinger’s “Seventh Sanctum Story” Underlines the Development of Transmuting Byzantine Processes Into Uncomplicated Terminations

by Professor Trevor Testa




Seventh Sanctum Story” authenticates how a culture will attempt, through increasingly multifarious and intricate procedures, to generate austere delights, and, in such attempts, fail to grasp the heart of what, sincerely, is significant. The quintet of specimens that reinforce this proposition comprise of:

  • The complexities of the mechanism that produces an unpretentious ice cream indulgence
  • The extensive, cosmic and scholastic conspiracy that merely advises the nationals of ©Happyland to Stay Away from “Grief Ragnarok”
  • The extraordinary technology managed by Tactical Gas Entertainment to assemble (in essence) blares in facsimile of flatulence
  • The Antique Brainwave Scanner utilized to enlighten the protagonists regarding Shithead’s shrouded aptitude and acumen
  • Shithead’s convoluted stratagem to familiarize the citizenry of ©Happyland with compassion.


All these complex developments towards humble objectives satirize modern society’s anxiety over recouping attributes of existence that were continuously naturally obtainable. “Seventh Sanctum Story,” pertinent in such a perplexing epoch in history, advocates for the benefits of simply saying what you mean. These thematic associations reveal Nick Edinger as a tactical and considered writer; proficient in seamlessly cherry-picking the precise minutiae that facilitate him into articulating the narrative he aspires to communicate.


(Full essay can be found here.)