Magazines Where I Submit Stories

Here’s a list of literary magazines I plan to send my short stories! You might find some good opportunities here. This list is somewhat a work in progress, so feel free to suggest any additions I could make!


Glimmer Train

Famous for its openness towards previously unpublished writers, Glimmer Train is the place for your quiet, character-focused, richly worded stories that don’t need a demanding plot to hook readers. Find out about their contests here. I also outline what I believe makes a good Glimmer Train submission here.

Entry Cost: $2.00

Payment: $700.00-$3,000.00

Word Count: Depends on the contest

Stories From Them I Like: The Hate,” by Mehdi Tavana Okasi; “Number 41,” by Kimberly Bunker; “Language Lessons,” by Barbara Ganley


Hyperpulp Magazine

Hyperpulp wants your unconventional, genre-busting, cliche-denying works… but they seeks stories that focus on “a concern with writing, not just plot or characters.” They accept previously-published material, and they will translate your story into Portuguese for you! That’s pretty cool. Download an issue from them here.

Entry Cost: None

Payment: None, although like I said, free translation into Portuguese!

Word Count: 1-7,500

Stories From Them I Like: “Short Circuit,” by Christian Larsen



Based in South Carolina, this magazine welcomes general submissions throughout the year. For a magazine that has published its fair share of famous authors, it remains quite open towards anyone who has the talent to write. Submit here.

Entry Cost: $3.00

Payment: $20.00 per page, $200.00 maximum

Word Count: 2,500-8,000

Stories From Them I Like: Guiltless Pleasures,” by Aaron Hamburger