How Artist Freddy Sam Helped The Poor

Another one of my articles was chosen for The Borgen Magazine! They seem to like talking about creatives enriching others through unconventional means, and, lucky for them, I like that too!


Themes aren’t just the territory of stuffy old books your teachers forced you to read. Wrapping a wide-reaching article around one thesis doesn’t just make for compelling reading; it’s easier to write something centralized as well. The problem (with this article, and many others of mine) is that it’s easy to fall into the trap of editorializing through themes. This article’s subtle about its optimism, however. Speaking for myself, it’s hard not to get inspired when reading about Freddy Sam. But (as an exercise) I’d like you to note when you do, and see where you notice a similar reaction in your next newspaper article.


4 New Technologies That Can Help End Poverty

As a sci-fi reader and writer, I don’t do nearly enough research concerning science. Well, now I found an opportunity to cultivate inspiration and write a cool article at the same time! Here’s 4 New Technologies That Can Help End Poverty:


Most of my previous reflections on my Borgen Project articles follow the pattern of “here are the mistakes my gracious editor fixed.” But now I find myself in a curious reversal. I don’t mean edits like removing the adjective “exciting” from my original title. I also don’t mean paragraph breaks added and removed to better fit the flow of information.

When you read my article, you’ll notice some points where there’s no space between the period and the start of a new sentence. There’s also the phrase “…has led to fiery debated [sic] in the past decade.” My original copy read “… has led to hot debate in the past decade.” The change to “fiery” is good, the change to “debated” is not so good.

Let me ask you, fair reader: should I email my superiors about this? I’d rather not pick a fight with the editor of a charity project. But if someone else notes the errors, they won’t see my editor’s name on the byline. Let me know what you think.

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Why Labor Unions Support The Jones Act But Not Vice-Versa

After writing about The Jones Act before, I found that this more in-depth look into the law led to a better article. I didn’t care much for this piece when I wrote it. Its arguments and flow are excellent in hindsight:

Labor unions support the Jones Act

When I describe my internship to friends and family, the word “clickbait” escapes my mouth even when I don’t want to. I like the articles I write and read for the Borgen Project. But they exist first to inform the public on a complicated issue, and second to be like a conversation with an intelligent friend. My editor removed a lot of ellipses and contractions from my draft. The new copy is more professional, but less warm and engaging than I would like. This only irks me when I compare myself to, say, or a newspaper editorial. I should hold myself to higher standards. And I should remember that my audiences and my influences are not the same thing.

Again, the article can be found in this link. And if you like my work, why not donate to the cause as well?


How South Sudan and Congo Use U.S. Aid

With some of my pitches to The Borgen Project, the topic is too big to be covered in a 600 word article, even if I don’t realize so right away. I feel like I could’ve done more with this one. Still, with the research I did find, I think I tied it up in a nice little bow by the end:


My poor editor made several changes to my article to match proper A.P. style. But here’s one lesson I learned I can apply to all my writings. When you introduce something, no matter what, start with the longer name first. Even if “the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)” is an unwieldy fit in the first sentence, the word usage lets you put “DRC” everywhere else. Seems basic, right? But again, sometimes this means the first sentence isn’t as punchy as you like, and that’s ok.

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The Heartwarming Reason Why J.K. Rowling Is No Longer A Billionaire

The other articles I wrote for The Borgen Project ended up on their blog. Well, this one got on their magazine, so I’ll take that as a step up!


So why did the editors put this in their magazine as opposed to their blog? More so than reporting facts, this article ended up telling a story. The smaller paragraphs and celebrity angle helped, of course. But the title to this article invoked a question and illuminated the answer with each sentence. Every paragraph replied to the previous one. I’ll keep that in mind as I continue writing articles.

Again, the article can be found in this link. And if you like my work, why not donate to the cause as well?

5 Reasons to Donate Money, Not Stuff

Sometimes, I write articles in an effort to convince myself of something. Well, it worked; after doing the research, I no longer want to donate anything other than cash again.


The original draft of this article had the first sentence of each point as its own paragraph. The version in the link condenses everything. Back when I was in a high school debate club, I would have loved a comprehensive guide like this for an issue. So let me ask my readers: did you read this article with a goal in mind, or just for the sake of learning?

Again, the article can be found in this link. And if you like my work, why not donate to the cause as well?

How All Former U.S. Presidents Fight Global Poverty

So far, this was my favorite article to write for the Borgen Project:


My internship allows me to pitch articles at any time, for any amount of times. In the past week, I submitted about 20 or so pitches for editorial approval. Not only do multiple pitches give me topics to choose from for each week’s articles… but it allows me more freedom in what I want to write. On some weeks, I’d pitch an article on Tuesday, have the prompt accepted on Wednesday, then decide to write it out on Thursday just because I’m in the mood! The more you pitch, the more room you have to follow your muse.

Again, the article can be found in this link. And if you like my work, why not donate to the cause as well?